The GolfBoard is a form of motorized conveyance we can actually enjoy

The GolfBoard is a form of motorized conveyance we can actually enjoy

The headline screams 'ringing endorsement', does it not?

While this isn't an anti-golf cart diatribe, let it be known I always prefer to walk and carry, and I'm pretty ardent about it. So much so that I tend to avoid courses that force me to choose between riding a cart and not playing at all.

Which brings me to the GolfBoard, a motorized long-board skateboard upon which you stand rather than sit, with your golf bag strapped to the front rather than rear, using your body weight to steer instead of a wheel. touts among its benefits 'dramatically improved pace of play'. We've heard this fallacy about golf carts for years. The only scenarios under which this benefit may come to fruition occurs when you're the first one out in the morning or when sneaking in an emergency nine before dark. Perhaps an all-GolfBoard facility would realize pace of play benefit with each boarder surfing directly to their own ball, overcoming the Keystone Cops pantomime inherent to traditional two-person carts.

The verdict on the GolfBoard?

They're super-easy to learn and totally fun to ride. Unlike a traditional cart, I still felt connected to my round, though not on the level I am when walking.

The next time I'm faced with an invite to a cart-only facility, the option to take a GolfBoard would sway me. Just don't make me pay an upcharge.