2UNDR's Joey Pouch keeps your boys in their neighborhood

2UNDR's Joey Pouch keeps your boys in their neighborhood

Ok, it's touchy subject time. Or is it not so touchy subject time?

Well, that's kinda the point when it comes to the new underwear line from 2UNDR. As a golfer, a runner, a hockey player, and an all-around pretend athlete, CNG is no stranger to unwanted chaffing, for such are the hazards of those attempting to hold back time.

Well, chafe no more, for 2UNDR is no ordinary underwear, something one soon learns when donning his first pair of Joey Pouch-infused underwear. What is the Joey Pouch you ask? A picture certainly speaks a thousand words, but let's just say 2UNDR has special plans for keeping your boys in the right neighborhood at all times. 

Ever so gently partitioned, there's no risk of an unwanted rub. Please note it's virtually impossible to write an innuendo-free review of such feature-laden underwear.

Replete with a no-roll waistband and an old school access panel that saves you from unbuckling in the men's, 2UNDR has hit the mark right out of the gate -- no mean feat for any company's first collection. A well thought out 'Drip Tip' (I'm not making this terminology up) wicks moisture away from your unmentionables, keeping your cucumber cool while ensuring nary a tickle on the pickle.

From now on, any on-course adjustments you make will be limited to your swing and meteorological events. Or, putting it another way, 2UNDR allows you to leave any ball handling to the experts -- your caddy.

Whoever that may be.

2UNDR | Men's Athletic Underwear | $24.99.