Game Changer: The Golf Push Polo from Alial Fital

Game Changer: The Golf Push Polo from Alial Fital

Alial Fital, the most lyrical of apparel brand names going these days, has introduced a cool new product to the market -- the Golf Push Polo. You'll never have to roll up your sleeves again.

The Golf Push Polo is the result of a brainstorm from Alial Fital PGA Tour staffer Bo Van Pelt, who came up with the idea for a long sleeve golf polo with elasticized cuffs, one that you could push up instead of roll up, leaving the outer cuff to be seen. Alial Fital founder Gibran Hamdan went to work, and a few prototypes later, he's come up with something completely new -- which is no mean feat in the apparel biz.

The Revolutionary Golf Push Polo from Alial Fital, Limited Edition Golf Shirts - Made in the USA from Gibran Hamdan on Vimeo.

The secret to the Golf Push Polo is the high quality, elastic ribbing that's hidden under a French cuff. It is this, when combined with Alial Fital's signature golf polo fabric and standup collar makes this one of the most versatile pieces CNG has come across in quite some time. No more fumbling with buttons when you need to get down to business. Simply push to play. A certain silicon valley fruit company is envious.

The Golf Push Polo combines the style of a dress shirt and the comfort of a polo, and builds in the functionality of an athletic long sleeve shirt. Having written of inherent cross-purpose nature of golf apparel many times in the past, the Push Polo is the most transitional piece we've seen at CNG because it's all about golf lifestyle. The Golf Push Polo can be worn to work, to the course, and then out to dinner with your best girl without missing a single beat.

Final word on the Golf Push Polo goes to Hamdan. "I think we've just changed the game of golf."

Well said.

The Golf Push Polo from Alial Fital ($145), is available now.