Hollas taking new approach to product distribution in 2013

Hollas taking new approach to product distribution in 2013

The golf industry has always been closely tied to the ebbs and flows of economy, because when times get tough, discretionary spending on pastimes such as golf tend to be the first thing to be impacted. Simply put, when there's less money to go around people simply tend spend less on things like golf shirts. Makes sense.

But as a result, at the end of the golf season, golf shops find themselves overstocked with unsold merchandise, forcing deep discounts and significantly impacting margins.

Canadian golf apparel company Hollas recognizes this, and has taken steps to make things easier -- and more profitable -- for green grass golf shop operators. Participants in Hollas' 'Sell-Thru Sooner' program will have the opportunity to partner with Hollas to offer their membership and customers a fresh selection of apparel all season long.

The Sell Thu Sooner program achieves this by offering smaller collections in managable quantities, at staggered intervals to help limit excess inventory while protecting golf shop margins.

"I’ve been a witness to the everyday challenges that make it tougher and tougher for golf professionals to succeed at retail. Carrying a well-stocked portfolio of the finest golf apparel and merchandise has left many golf professionals in a terrible position at year end with excess inventory that is picked over, stale or simply was not well received," says Don Nichols, President of Second Skin Garment Company, parent of Hollas.

A glimpse at the Spring 2013 collection from Hollas.

"This circumstance naturally leaves golf professionals in an uneasy position for the following season, buying less product and offering their membership less selection and likely showcasing tired carryover merchandise. At the end of the day, a model that once worked for golf pro’s in North America, is now broken."

Six turnkey assortments (two via the programs' Gold level of participation, four via the Platinum) will be available through the program, each pre-screened by golf apparel designers and merchandising professionals to ensure maximum merchandising appeal in the golf shop.

The mini-collections are delivered to green grass partners regularly throughout the season, and when each new collection arrives, Hollas will help golf professionals accelerate the sell-through process, keeping inventory levels clean. The result? Fresh merchandise all season long, and sustained profitability.

Hollas' 'Sell-Thru Sooner' program officially kicks off this fall, with a soft launch for any green grass retailer available by request starting as early as summer 2013.

To participate, contact Don Nichols directly.