Linksoul by John Ashworth is as philosophical as a brand can be

Linksoul by John Ashworth is as philosophical as a brand can be

Our fascination with brand philosophy was recently heightened here at CNG when we had a chat with industry icon John Ashworth.

Ashworth is a name that's certainly familiar to anyone who has followed golf or has purchased a golf shirt in the last 20 years. Ashworth of course is the founder and creative mind behind Ashworth, a brand that now resides under the care of adidas Golf and is still worn today by long time brand ambassador Fred Couples.

In January of 2011, having first spent time working on Fidra, and then few years consulting at adidas Golf, Ashworth ventured out to start Linksoul, the brand philosophy he had mused on for years, one that he felt destined to execute. For Ashworth, golf is about heart and soul, and he needed to return to that ideal.

CNG and Ashworth spoke about how it feels to be able to play golf. It's the feeling you get when finishing your round late in the evening when air is still and the flag is barely visible. It's setting out on your own for nine before anyone else is even at the course, leaving behind only your dewy footprints as evidence of your presence. It's about walking, and carrying your bag. It's about the sensation of a perfectly struck three iron.

We also spoke of what it's not about. It's not about golf carts. It's not about corporations. It's not about score. And it's most certainly not about having the latest driver with endless adjustments, nor is it about looking like you're wearing a uniform when you play.

CNG connected with what Ashworth was saying about the game, and about how we have all perhaps strayed from what golf is really all about. We've become increasingly fixated on technology and as such feel we can spend our way to lower scores, rather than feel our way. Perhaps as a result we've stopped enjoying the game for what it is -- as a lifestyle, and a way of resetting our clocks, as a way of rejuvenating our souls.

Thiis is all very zen like to be sure, but there is a more than a small amount of truth in there.

Linksoul is somewhat of an anti-brand -- an alternative golf lifestyle brand if you will. Neither loud nor techical, Linksoul is laid back sophistication, helping you feel comfortable and relaxed in what you're wearing, allowing you to be who you are, and to play your game, the way you need to play it. Just as it should be.

As soon as you touch a Linksoul shirt you'll know it's something you'll want to wear over and over again, because Ashworth went to great lengths to choose only the best quality fabrics that would be easy to take care of, and craft them in such a way that you will appreciate the subtle detailing.

CNG loves what Linksoul represents, and we're looking forward to seeing how the brand evolves -- and by evolve we mean, don't change a single thing.a