Sunday style interventions: hockey hair and Kris Blanks

Sunday style interventions: hockey hair and Kris Blanks

A couple of Sunday style interventions for you today...

We'll start with a puzzling trend on the PGA Tour that has nothing to do with apparel, and everything to do with Wayne and Garth. Though it's neither party time, nor is it excellent, it is all business in the front, party in the back.

The mullet, or in Canadian parlance, hockey hair, is making a comeback -- for what reason Chapeau Noir cannot be sure. Back in the day, Chapeau Noir admits to having hair wings, but that was in 1983, and my hair wings were nothing like that of Adam Hadwin's.

Adam Hadwin's flowing locks silhouetted against a Canadian sky. Striking.Epic and admirable perhaps. But desireable?

Every trend, regardless of stature, are destined to come back -- and to be fair, what we're seeing from the likes of Hadwin, Anthony Kim, Rickie Fowler, Hunter Mahan, and the king of all wild men, Andres Gonzales may not all be true mullets by definition, but a modified, highly evolved version for modern times.

Jaromir Jagr, eat your heart out.

The Curious Case of Kris Blanks

Kris Blanks, who seems to be a rather amiable sort of chap based on his Twitter posts, is putting on quite a display at the RBC Canadian Open this week -- both with his play and what can be termed a quintessential display of what not to wear.

Blanks' hodgepodge of khaki trousers mixed with a technical shirt can be forgiven, but when the ensemble is peppered with a red belt (from and pair of red FootJoy shoes, the likes of which we haven't seen since Dorothy drop a house on the Wicked Witch of the East in The Wizard of Oz, Blanks' style quotient takes a hit that no man can possibly endure.

Kris Blanks red belt and shoes pay tribute to Canada. On Twitter, @JasonGore59 gently ribbed friend @krisblanks about his choice of footwear, who explained his kicks as "what happens when you mix alcohol and @Footjoy myjoys webpage. I figure they are cool here in Canada."

Canadians are always flattered by a patriotic nod from a visitor to our country, and Blanks has a Canadian connection that goes beyond a once yearly trip to the RBC Canadian Open. Ex-LPGA player, Canadian A.J. Eathorne caddied for Blanks for a time in 2010, before the two parted ways because, according to The Montreal Gazette, Eathorne was 'too positive'. Typical Canuck!

While we all appreciate the belt / shoe color scheme, Chapeau Noir agrees with Blanks' wife, who told Kris to leave the shoes behind once the tournament is done.