A damn good reason for wearing a bad hat

A damn good reason for wearing a bad hat

Rory Sabbatini at the Honda Classic. (Greenwood/Getty)

Rory Sabbatini's wide brimmed hat is a bad look. We all know it. Odds are that even Sabbatini knows it.

As it turns out, there's a darn good reason for Sabbatini's hat, as brought to Chapeau Noir's attention through Larry Dorman's final round report on the Honda Classic via Geoff Shackleford's blog.

The reason? Skin cancer. Sabbatini had it, and he isn't willing to risk a recurrence.

And if it means wearing a hat that makes him look not entirely unlike a modern day golfing Hopalong Cassidy, then so be it. Chapeau Noir would go full sombrero if it meant avoiding carcinoma or melanoma. Hmm, golf sombrero...

The moral of the story? Making a fashion choice based on your heath should never take a backseat to making a fashion statement.