Bill Murray's Elmer Fudd Hat is truly something to behold

Bill Murray's Elmer Fudd Hat is truly something to behold

It's amazing what a silly hat can do.

Had it not been for Murray and his ridiculously superfluous lid at the AT&T Pebble Beach National Pro-Am, the painful fashion visuals delivered by the likes of Anthony Anderson in Loudmouth and Ray Romano who apparently has never found a shirt he could tuck, would have been too much for any man with even a modicum of pride in his appearance to take.

Murray's Elmer Fudd hat sports the St. Paul Saint's logo. (Shaw/Getty)

For all others, Murray's golf wardrobe --  a blue striped button down shirt over a tee paired with grey rumpled trousers -- would be a disastrous blueprint for anyone else to follow. Smartly, Murray distracts us from the sloppy ensemble by topping it off with an Elmer Fudd-like hunting cap that was source from a St. Paul Saints minor league baseball team promotional giveaway.

As an aside, did anyone else notice the two gloves Murray was wearing? A polite tip of the hunting cap to Tommy Gainey perhaps?

One thing is for sure, Murray provides the comic relief necessary for Chapeau Noir to get through what is otherwise a painful golf presentation. Without Murray and the spectacular Monterey Peninsula as a venue, this event would be as unwatchable as American Idol. Can anyone imagine how dismal this event would be if were held across multiple courses in say, Palm Springs? Oh, sorry about that Bob Hope Classic.

Now that Murray's comical Elmer Fudd hat is in the books, isn't it high time we consider that free bowl of soup officially redeemed?