Golf Fashion Police Blotter: Joakim Noah

Golf Fashion Police Blotter: Joakim Noah

Corporate team building outings are prime events for the golf fashion police, a role that Chapeau Noir is more than happy to fill when required - and more often than not, it's required.

Perhaps the most obvious offense witnessed in recent memory comes to Chapeau Noir's attention from the Sportress of Blogitude, found via, as forwarded by Gene of comes this important public service announcement, courtesy Joakim Noah of the NBA's Chicago Bulls.

Joakim Noah of the Chicago Bulls displays his unique sense of golf style to the attention of Chapeau Noir.

There is so much wrong with what Noah has going on here that it almost makes it right - but not quite. Starting from the top down, there's never a reason outside of a deluge of rain of biblical proportions, to wear a baseball style cap backwards while on course.

Memo to all, including Noah's and his Toronto Maple Leaf hat wearing friend: The extended bill of a cap is there to serve purpose, to shield eyes from the sun. So, unless you're sitting in a baseball dugout somewhere with your side down by three in the bottom of the ninth, with two out and the bases loaded, it's not rally-cap time.

Up next, Noah's collarless v-neck t-shirt. Chapeau Noir owns a few of these himself, but never once has the thought of wearing it on course crossed his mind. It still won't.

Also, Chapeau Noir has nothing agains the man-pris as those who know me will attest, but Noah's blue-plaid capris could easily pass for pyjama pants. Under most circumstances, there's no need to tell your playing partners that you just rolled out of bed.

Noah's blue on white argyle socks indicate that he knew full well he was playing golf on this day, and having caught a few minutes of Caddyshack on TNT a few weeks ago, perhaps this is his homage.

Finally, the red trainers from Le Coq Sportif complete Noah's distinctive look. As the caption on reads, "I heard after his round, he immediately left the course, got in his car and high-tailed it to a job for his side-gig moonlighting as a birthday party clown."

Chapeau Noir couldn't have put it better himself.