Worst Shirt Of All Time

Worst Shirt Of All Time

Does anyone, aside from the man sporting this monstrosity, think this shirt looks good?

Sadly for Steve Elkington, this is not a first-time offense, for he has garnered citations for this personally designed pyjama tops in the past, in addition to Saturday's Star Trek costume reject.

Shirts like this make Chapeau Noir's job too easy. (May 21, 2010 - Photo by Darren Carroll/Getty Images North America)

If memory serves Chapeau Noir correctly, Elkington's signature shirt range dates back to 2007 or 2008.

Web server requests for the one time online storefront, elksworld.com (Elkington was indeed deluded enough at one point to think people would actually pay to wear this shirt), were denied. Little wonder. While the appropriately named web site is no longer functional in this realm, perhaps it's a blazing success in another dimension.

Maybe that's why he's smiling. Regardless, the fact that Elk continues to wear his own failed overstock puts him significantly beyond the golf fashion pale.

Elks attire was a variant on the Big V on Thursday, so he didn't exactly set the bar very high for himself. Friday wasn't a complete bust, but rather normal to the point of being non-descript. Perhaps Elk thought he'd baffle his fellow competitors, confound them to the point that they could not take their eyes off the Big V design. A hypnotic trance if you will.

Whatever his thinking, Chapeau Noir sincerely hopes that Elkington makes it through that worm hole of fashion in one non-linear, uncolorblocked piece.

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