Ray Romano Fashion Intervention

The second season of The Haney Project kicked off this week on Golf Channel, and this year we are subject to the golf stylings of Ray Romano, the standup comic best known for the long running Everybody Loves Raymond situation comedy.

Ray Romano going for the grunge chic golf look. It's not working.Aside from a need to fix a rusty gate of a golf swing, Romano needs to find some pride, a modicum of decorum if you will, when it comes to how he presents himself at the golf course.

I will never understand why it is so difficult to pick up an iron - or if you're a Hollywood type - have someone pick up an iron for you. If you're late for your tee time and don't have time to warm the iron up, here's a tip:

CHOOSE ANOTHER SHIRT. Preferably, one with a lay-flat collar.

And, while you're at it, tuck that shirt in and put at least two or three of those buttons to use. Geesh! View the following clip to get a sense of just how much disdain Romano has for his appearance. It borders on self-loathing.

Here's hoping Golf Channel will bring Marty Hackel in on the makeover at some point during the series. Come to think of it, Chapeau Noir has some free time on his hands these days.

Romano obviously wants to become a better player, and to do so he's willing to put himself in front of a television audience under the scrutiny of one of the world's most well-known instructors. Commendable yes, but now it's time to start to care, even just a little, about how you present yourself.

At the end of the day it's not that hard to look good, whether you wear a $150 luxury polo from a big name designer, or a $12 polo from Old Navy.

Are you listening Ray?

News and Notes: Chis DiMarco is now a Tehama man. "It is an honor to partner with such a legendary and respected brand within the golf industry," says DiMarco. "The combination of luxury and performance is a perfect combination for me...I love the variety of colors and fabrics I get to choose from," he adds. Ok. We're absolutely positive Chris said this, right? Travis Mathew staff pro and PGA Tour rookie Billy Horschel announced on February 23 that he's done for the year due to a wrist injury for which he will have to undergo surgery.

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