Musings & decisions on rule 38-38, the white belt rule

Musings & decisions on rule 38-38, the white belt rule

While it is always recommended to push the fashion envelope on the golf course, there are distinct rules that any discerning golfer must follow.

Perhaps most hotly debated in recent history is the infamous White Belt Rule, the explanation of which an be found in Rule 38-38 in the yet to be published Rules of Golf Style.

Rule 38-38 states:

No player shall employ the use of a white belt under the following two conditions:

  1. If the waist size onto which the belt shall be worn exceeds 38 inches or 96.52 centimeters in diameter, or
  2. If the age of the player onto which the white belt shall be worn exceeds that of 38 years.

Here at Chapeau Noir Golf, we were fortunate enough to have previewed the pending Decisions for 2010 for the Rules of Golf Style, and in it, we find Decision 38/1, which states:

"If are over the age of 38 with a waist size under the 38 inch limit, you are exempt, and can, without penalty, wear the white belt with pride and flair."

Unfortunately, Decision 38/2 under Rule 38-38 strictly forbids the use of the white belt for anyone, regardless of age, whose waistline exceeds 38 inches.

As there is not a more critical fashion accessory in golf today, there is no doubt about what to do if your waistline is a few desserts past the prescribed 38 inch limit: find yourself a blue, brown, green, orange, red, yellow or pink belt of course!

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