Porkpie hat: neither pork, nor pie. Discuss.

Porkpie hat: neither pork, nor pie. Discuss.

There once was a day when a gentleman wouldn't go out in public without a hat.

While it now may be inconceivable that the porkpie hat, or any manner of hat sported by the gentlemen in the early 20th century will regain such broad popularity, it's important to remember that all fashion trends eventually return.

As such, the porkpie hat is a true throwback, having recently regained popularity in golf fashion circles. The porkpie, so named for its resemblence to an actual pork pie - round with a flat top - can be made of either felt or straw.

I, for one, would welcome a return to this trend, as there is something both stylish and civilized about gents in hats en masse. And no, dudes wearing ballcaps and refusing to remove them indoors, emblazoned with a golf brand or not, doesn't count!

The lead indicator of the porkpie trend can be, as most trends are, evidenced by choices made by current day celebrities. Lead among the porkpie wearing set are Justin Timberlake and George Lopez - who between them illustrate that both the fit and the somewhat rotund can successfully pull this lid off.

Askmen.com featured the Eugenia Kim Ryan Porkpie Hat

earlier this year, giving the porkpie high marks on their uniqueness and durability scale.

But what is most interesting about the porkpie to me, is not the hat itself, but what it says about the wearer. For both Lopez and Timberlake, the porkpie is a logical extension of their individual styles and personalities. For Lopez, the porkpie accentuates his comedic background while for Timberlake, the porkpie is emphasizes refined taste and sophistication.

If you're a unique on or off-course habberdasher, porkpie hats can be readily found for purchase online. Don't fret when the trend ebbs, because it will (if it hasn't already), for you will be defining your own unique style, and setting yourself apart from the golf masses.

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